Garden café in Mariefred

 Welcome to Callanderska Gården Schweizeri

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In charming Mariefred you will find the garden café Callanderska Gården Schweizeri. We serve warm dishes as well as delicious sandwiches, soft drinks and of course – coffee and tea. Visit the loom and enjoy the lovely scents in the herb garden. Mariefreds Hembygdsförening’s flea market and our shop are also open for those who are looking for something nice to bring home.

Welcome to Callanderska Gården’s wonderful garden with a view of Lake Mälaren and Gripsholm Castle. Hope to see you!


New menu for 2023 are coming soon. 


Meatballs with cream sauce lingonberry, pickled cucumber, and potato 

185 SEK

Cured salmon with dill sewed potatoes and lemon 

205 SEK

Kabanoss from Eknäs Gård
with parsley mayo, roasted onion and pickles

195 SEK

Ceasar Salad
salad with chicken, Grana Padano, romaine lettuce, croutons Vegetarian option – halloumi.

195 SEK

Feta cheese salad 
with watermelon, tomato, quinoa, olives, arugula, roasted pumpkin seeds and lemon aioli

175 SEK

Shrimp Salad

with marinated summer potatoes, salad, egg, pickled onion, lemon and Rhode Island dressing

195 SEK


Pasta salad “pesto” 
with coppa, tomato, soybeans, onion, grilled vegetables, Grana Padano, arugula, and lemon aioli

165 SEK

Shrimp Sandwich
100 g hand-peeled shrimp served on rye bread 

195 SEK

Toast with grilled vegetables
brie cheese, basil and mozzarella

145 SEK

Croque Monsieur 
with smoked ham, Emmentaler, Dijon, tomato, served with salad and lemon aioli

145 SEK


– Tomato, mozzarella, basil, pickled onion, balsamic vinegar

145 SEK

– Chicken, ramson, cream cheese, pickled onion

– Salami, brie cheese, pesto, tomato, arugula

115 SEK

Cheese and ham bun 

65 SEK

Cheese bun

65 SEK


with smoaked ham, cheese, creme chees & dijon mustard. Served with salad and garlic dressing

115 SEK

Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes & Cream Sauce

95 SEK


Kids’ Toast with Cheese & Ham

55 SEK

Cinnamon Roll 39 SEK

Bun 42 SEK

Pastry 44 SEK

Sponge cake 62 SEK

Other “fika” 65 SEK

Pastery Cake 68 SEK

3 Home baked cookies 30 SEK

Brewed Coffee 46 SEK

Tea 45 SEK

Cappuccino 58 SEK

Single/Double Espresso 42/48 SEK

Latte 58 SEK

Vanilla Latte 58 SEK

Iced Latte/Vanilla Iced Latte 58 SEK

Hot Chocolate, Whipped Cream 55 SEK

Soda 49 SEK

Kivik Apple Cider 79 SEK

Pomologik Hantverkscider  95 SEK

Sörmlandsmust Cider 69 SEK

Strawberry Juice 20 SEK

Sparkling water/Still water PET 50 cl  49 SEK

House Red/White Wine 98/445 SEK

House Sparkling Wine 115/525 SEK

Aperol Spritz 145 SEK

Svenska Kulturpärlor God Lager 99 SEK

Budvar 95 SEK

Carlsberg Hof 79 SEK

St:Eriks IPA 130 SEK

Lättöl Grängesberg  49 SEK

Nils Oscar alkoholfri öl  80 SEK

Somersby Cider   85 SEK

Hot smoaked salmon with potato salad

225 kr

Lasagna with salad and garlic dressing

185 kr

Pulled Pork
on grilled sourdough bread with pickled red onion, BBQ sauce and coleslaw

195 kr

Baked potatoes

  • With Creamy shrimp mixture: 195 kr
  • With chicken and curry mixture: 175 kr
  • With feta cheese mixture: 175 kr


Pie served with salad and garlic dressing

from 155 kr

Charcuturie tray

185 kr


85 kr

Caesarsalad (veg option)
chicken, bacon, romaine lettuce, dressing,
parmesan, croutons.
Vegetarian option: Halloumi 

175 kr

Shrimp salad
150 g hand-peeled shrips, egg, lettuce,
tomato, cucumber, lemon, pickled onion,
dill and chili aioli

225 kr

Greek salad
feta cheese, kalamata olives, lettuce, tomato,
cucumber, red onion, vinaigrette.
Vegan option: Vegan feta cheese

155 kr

Shrimp sandwich (100 g shrimps) 195 kr

Meatball and beetroot salad 95 kr


  • With prosciutto, mozzarella, grilled bell pepper and arugula: 110 kr
  • Shrimp mixture: 110 kr
  • Chicken and curry mixture: 110 kr

Cheese and ham sandwich 55 kr

Cheese sandwich 55 kr

Smörrebröd (different varieties) 65 kr


  • With salami, brie cheese, cream cheese and sundried tomato. Served with salad and garlic dressing: 125 kr
  • With Smoked ham, cheese, cream cheese and dijon mustard. Served with salad and garlic dressing: 115 kr

Meatballs with potato puree, cream sauce and lingonberries

95 kr


Toast with cheese and ham

55 kr

Bun 39 kr

Pastry 42 kr

Sponge cake 39 kr

Cake 68 kr

3 cookies 28 kr

Fruit salad 85 kr


Picknic bag (1 person)
With Cheese and ham sandwich, bun, juice, fruit salad and coffee

250 kr

Brewed Coffee 45 SEK

Tea 45 SEK

Cappuccino 58 SEK

Single/Double Espresso 42/48 SEK

Latte 58 SEK

Vanilla Latte 58 SEK

Iced Latte/Vanilla Iced Latte 58 SEK

Hot Chocolate, Whipped Cream 55 SEK

Soda 48 SEK

Kivik Apple Cider 82 SEK

Kivik Strawberry Mint Lemonade 82 SEK

Sörmland’s Local Cider 55 SEK

Strawberry Juice 20 SEK

Still/Sparkling Mineral Water 49 SEK

House Red/White Wine 98/445 SEK

House Sparkling Wine 115/525 SEK

Aperol Spritz 145 SEK

Non-alcoholic Wine 
Red/White/Sparkling 79/360 SEK

Nils Oscar God Lager 89 SEK

Budvar 95 SEK

Carlsberg Hof 79 SEK

Sörmlands IPA 130 SEK

Light Beer Stallarholmen 65 SEK

Nils Oscar Non-alcoholic Beer 75 SEK


About Callanderska Gården Schweizeri

Welcome to Mariefred’s new garden café. Callanderska Gården Schweizeri is located close to Callanderska Gården’s beautiful garden. Here you will find something for everyone.

Discover something new

There is much to discover in Mariefred. At Callanderska gården you can visit our shop or have a look at the local community association’s flea market. After a nice cup of coffee we recommend you to take a walk along the lake Mälaren. Callanderska Schweizeri is located in between the city square, with several small shops, and Gripsholm Castle, where you can get a guided tour to learn more. At you will find more information about what is happening in Mariefred.


The day of Steam in Mariefred

June 1st, at 10

Swedish national day

June 6th


June 21th

Poastcard collections hit 

July 7th at 13.00

Music Quiz in the garden

July 6th at 18.00

Live Music with Meja in the garden

July 13th at 19.00

Burger & Quiz in the garden

July 12th

Nordic Championships in food truck

July  19th–21th

Live Theatre by Mariefreds theater association

Aug  17th

Opening hours

Closed for the season.

Week 24 , 15-16 June

Saturday – Sunday


Week 25, Midsummerweek 20 – 24 June



Thursday – Sunday 


Week 26 27 – 30 June

Thursday – Sunday 


Week 27 – 32 1 of July – 11 August

 Open daily 

Monday – Sunday 


V. 33-34

Saturday -Sunday



Contact us

Give us a call.

Find us

Callanderska Schweizeri is located on Kyrkogatan, between Gripsholms Värdshus and Callanderska Gården.

Music Quiz in the garden

July 6th at 18.00